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Part of the fundamental course of a growing company is to create a predictable force that supports the efforts to create value and business sustainability from a perspective that promotes efficient processes, effective control over the operation, accountability and the generation of timely, reliable and functional information for a quality making decision process.

For us LOVIS EOS represents all of the above, providing companies the ability to focus on their businesses through a reliable, dynamic, functional and customizable platform to meet the specific needs and requirements of your organization.”

Mauricio Uribe, Socio Creixa


LOVIS EOS deployment was scary at first. Soon enough it became a natural day-to-day operation, today is common to all of us, it is not a novelty anymore.

LOVIS is well known for finishing the projects and deploying a working platform. Now we want to know what else can they help us with, we want to move forward with them.”

Javier Esquinca Andrade, CTO


The procurement process flows in an organised and simple way along the different departments, each area requests its needs directly in LOVIS EOS. From order to pay we reduced the data entry points from 9 to 2, improving information reliability and reducing effort by 78%.

Thanks to LOVIS EOS we deployed new business practices. We reduced the effort from 3 to 1 by automating budget sufficiency and authorisations, managing the budget in a more efficient way. We also eliminated many repetitive tasks, our productivity increased and now we can focus in the most important activities to fulfil our mission.”

Cor. Inf. D.E.M. Marco Antonio Hernández Chávez
Chief Administrative Officer, E.M.P.

Mexico Presidential Guard

February 2019 - January 2020


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