Rafael Funes

Executive Chairman

Creator of LOVIS EOS, Enterprise Software Created for Humans, foundational technology for digital transformation and Enterprise 4.0.

Awarded with The Author’s Merit Great National Order of Honour by President Vicente Fox and The Science and Technology Prize by Governor of the State of Mexico Enrique Peña Nieto, former President of Mexico.

Under his leadership DynaWare occupied the second position in Mexico and seventeenth in Latin America in the Great Place to Work Institute rankings.

He is the first recipient of Tecnológico de Monterrey Professional Merit Award, where he graduated as an Industrial and Systems Engineer.

Rafael has been Member, Vice-President and President of the Board of the Mexican IT Industry Association (AMITI), Patron of the Australia New Zealand Mexico Business Council (ANZMEX) and Patron of the Mexican Chamber of Commerce in the United Kingdom (MEXCCUK). He was a Member of the Steering Committee of “México Visión 2020: por el México que todos queremos”, developed by AMITI and CANIETI, and participated in Science & Technology and Interior Governance committees for the “Plan Visión México 2030” convened by President Felipe Calderon.

Member of the Board of the British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico (BritChaM), Member of the Board of Tecnológico de Monterrey Digital Transformation Hub, Member of the Mexican Foreign Affairs Council (COMEXI) and DIT LATAM Investors Club Chairman.

Rafael has been speaker at the 2016 OECD Ministerial Summit on Digital Economy, 2017 World Strategic Forum, the 2016, 2017 and 2018 editions of the International Economic Forum, the 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 editions of Mexico Business Summit and the 2019 edition of INC mty.

He presented a research paper on “EOS, prerequisite for the Enterprise 4.0” in the IoTSM 2018 Congress at Imperial College London. He has been Lecturer for more than ten years at The Social Union of Mexico Business people (USEM) on Common Good and Duties of the Elites and Leadership Professor for over five years at “Tecnológico de Monterrey”.

Rafael is the Executive Chairman at LOVIS, global business technology company based in the United Kingdom.

He is an entrepreneur, writer, musician and photographer.

“Nothing is impossible, just no one has done it yet.”

Jaime Moreno

Chief Technology Officer

Jaime Moreno worked as Head of Quality Control at FEMSA Packaging Division. Among its tasks was to carry out statistical quality controls, as well as inspection in all areas of the process. A couple of years later he got the position of Sales Manager, becoming more commercial and being in charge of international relations with suppliers.

Jaime Moreno joined the company in 1999 as part of the consultant’s team, reaching the position of Consultant Manager, where he coordinated the implementation and the development of tools for the best use of the system, as well as the execution of diagnostics for project sales and product support.

Thanks to his extensive knowledge of the system and his past experience, he has obtained the maximum level of certification in the Common Sense of EOS level IV. He has been Chief Operating Officer overseeing the quality of the projects, the commercial area, consulting and support area. As well as the creation of strategies focused on business relationships. In addition to marking training plans and working with alliances and channels.

He was at the helm of the Research and Development team responsible for the design and development of LOVIS EOS 9.0, the latest version of LOVIS’ Enterprise Operating System, as well as the process of migrating all current customers to this new version.

Graduated as a Mechanical Administrator at Tec de Monterrey, he has participated in technical courses and seminars around the world. With a social training, Jaime is graduated from the Social Training Course taught by the Social Union of Entrepreneurs which is designed to lead senior managers to a more human construction of the organization. Jaime presented the academic paper “An Enterprise Operating System for the Sensing, Smart and Sustainable Enterprise” which was presented in Toulouse, France and within the scope of the IFAC 2017. This study states that LOVIS EOS reflects the main components of an EOS, after comparing it against the components defined in the scientific article.

He leaded the expansion Project of LOVIS in Spain, where since 2009 the company has a presence offering and adapting its business consulting strategy locally.

Jaime Moreno is our Chief Technology Officer in LOVIS, where he supervises the quality of projects, as well as the commercial, consulting and support area. He has been in charge of supervising around 52 implementations as well as the creation of strategies focus on business relations. He stands out in the organisation for being fully committed to the customer satisfaction and he is a firm believer that the proper use of technologies is a clear enabler of the competitiveness of companies.

“Great things are achieved by great work.”

Mauricio Deutsch

Commercial Director

Mauricio Deutsch, has more than 28 years of experience in the sector, developing his professional career in several of the great consultancies.

In Accenture he has led during many years international projects of technological transformation, continual improvement processes, global strategy and integrations and mergers, as well as numerous projects implementing core banking systems throughout Latin America. During his time at PWC as a Leading Partner in Mexico, he developed the financial sector practice for tax and transaction consultancies and audits. Before joining LOVIS team, Mauricio had under his mandate as a Leading Partner of Managed Services in EY, the entire financial sector for all EY service lines, dealing with a wide variety of industries and sectors, such as government, health, finance, retail and manufacturing, among others.

Graduated in Business Administration from the Universidad Iberoamericana, he is the FInancial’s Sector President of the British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, and he is member of the Board of the Tec de Monterrey Digital Transformation Hub.

Member of AMITI, Mauricio has been for years speaker at numerous financial, technological and industrial events, such as the Mexico Business Summit. In addition, he is the President of the Partners Committee of the Jewish Community in Mexico.

Mauricio Deutsch is our Commercial Director and he is a passionate about helping our customers through technology to evolve and be better through the use of LOVIS EOS, providing solutions to complex problems, making people’s lives easier, which are the real engine of organizations.  He advises them on fulfilling their core business objective and collaborates for more efficient media functions.

He is a big sports fan, completing, to date, a total of 9 ironmans and 7 ironmans 70.3.

Carolina Pacheco

Communication and Public Relations Director

Carolina Pacheco has worked throughout her professional life in the field of communication and public relations. During her career, she was Coordinator of the social area in a political party in Mexico. Later becoming the Director of Public Relations and Social Work for the Congressman for the state of Sonora at that time.

Warrior-minded, feminist and concerned about noble causes, she created the first women’s volunteering at the Sonoran Institute of Youth. Subsequently, she obtained the position of Leadership Coordinator of the Hermosillense and Sonoran Youth Institutes.

While she lived in Mexico City, she joined the Presidential Campaign being the Coordinator of the image and media for the nationwide Senate Candidates that belong to the PRI party. Once the election was won, she positioned herself inside the National PRI party as Coordinator of the afilliated organizations, which led her later to be the Private Secretary for the Congresswoman for Chihuahua at that moment.

As her professional career progressed, so did her interest in the environment and international relations, which led her to attend to one of the world’s largest ecological congress, GREEN BUILD, chaired by Al Gore in Phoenix, Arizona. This allowed her to form a deeper and global vision of a problem that affects us all, climate change. She was also a member of the World Youth Alliance of the United Nations Organisation Sonora-Arizona region. Collaborated with the American Consulate as an Official Translator for the meeting of US / Mex border governors.

She was Advisor to the Director of the National Technological Institute of Mexico within the Ministry of Public Education. Subsequently, and thanks to his well-worked experience, she was the Executive Assistant to the President of LOVIS, Rafael Funes.

 Graduated in Tourism Business Administration, her thesis was awarded the Cum Laude seal and is currently part of the recurring consultation file of the University del Valle de Mexico. With studies at the Public Image College, she regularly provides advice and coaching of Image and Communication, as well as English language counseling in the French city where she lives.

Currently, she is studying an MBA in the University of Alcalá de Henares and Carolina is the Director of Communication and Public Relations at LOVIS. It is dedicated, among many other things, to the development of communication and marketing strategies. In which she performs multiple functions such as conflict resolution of internal and external relations, social media, delegation of functions, as well as creating an atmosphere of trust and unity within the organisation.

“The impossible is always possible for those who believe they can.”

Danielle Romero

Partner and Alliance Director

Born in Venezuela nationalised Mexican with more than 15 years of professional experience. Informatics Engineer with an expertise in telecom with an MBA in one of the main business schools of Mexico, where she graduated with honours. She is a member of the “Beta Gamma Sigma Honour Society.”

During all the years of experience she have held management positions, performing functions related to ICT, sales & marketing, strategy development, service innovation, strategic planning, alliances & partners, pre-sale and postsales, in telecom companies in Latin America, where she coordinated teams work to align internal strategy in order to achieve company’s financial goals and the expected results .

Danielle is our Partner and Alliance Director, based in Mexico. Responsible for the strategy and development of business partners programs and alliances for the growth and positioning of LOVIS in different market segments. LOVIS EOS Partner Programs are designed for system integrators, channel resellers and business advisory firms.

Also, Danielle is passionate about health and well-being, certified as a Health Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC complementing it with other health related studies, such as, Child Nutrition. She is a writer and speaker about health and happiness, and a mom of two.

“Great partnerships are founded on common goals”

Mariana Zapico

Finance Director

Mariana Zapico started from a young age in the business field, developing in the audit area in KPMG. She developed in the creation of audit opinions of banking institutions as well as in the internal control reviews of different areas such as credit, collection, treasury and risks. Thanks to this experience, later she position herself as a financial analyst in Mars Mexico, managing the accounting and budget of different distribution centers around Mexico. Thanks to her affable character, she was appointed in charge of internal relations, being the point of union between departments.

Later she would enter the government as Head of Departments in the Executive Coordination of Operational Programs in Mexico City, taking charge of the financial area of ​​the operational cooperation programs for agriculture.

Due to her successful participation, she was promoted inside SENASICA to the Material Resources and General Services area, where she was in charge of ​​purchases and contracts, both national and international, negotiation and evaluation of suppliers. Its participation in the new MOSCAMED plant in the state of Chiapas stands out.

Entrepreneurship, Mariana created the company Travel 4 Health, which is a medical tourism agency in Mexico, helping with the logistics and transport of surgical procedures.

Graduated with a Finance and Accounting degree from the ANAHUAC University, she has an MBA in finance where she graduated with honors. Mariana is based in Spain, currently studying an MBA in Digital Marketing.

She is our Finance Director at LOVIS. Where she is responsible for the development of tools and administrative, financial and accounting functions that ensure the proper functionality of the company.

Mariana belongs to the Association of Children’s Villages, which is dedicated to supporting the most vulnerable social groups so that they can have access to a better quality of life. She loves sports and travel.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”

Miguel Fuentes

Executive Assistant

Born and raised in A Coruña, Miguel Fuentes started his professional career in a small meat production industry, and was responsible for a variety of duties, which allowed him to gain insight into how the world of business works. He specialised in logistics and sales, while managing his own client portfolio.

His adventurous mindset and desire to discover other places led him to obtain a scholarship at the “Chamber of Commerce, A Coruña” to start a new position as Foreign Trade Assistant in the “Spanish Chamber of Commerce in the UK”. Miguel was in charge of providing internationalisation and promoting services to companies who were interested in setting up in the UK. His duties included organising trade missions, participating in trade shows, database management, market research and representing the Chamber at a variety of events.

Miguel graduated in Business Administration and Management from the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC), obtaining an Erasmus+ scholarship in Katowice, Poland. After finishing his university career and before completing an MBA at IFFE Business School he volunteered for two months in Dakar, Senegal.

He is the Executive Assistant at LOVIS, where he supports the Executive Chairman in all of the functions that he performs. Included within these are creating reports, organising agenda, business trips, emails, meetings, among other organisational tasks. Miguel is also the point of contact between the Presidency and the other areas, providing solutions to their different requests. Miguel supports each area and ensures that all work is done in a timely manner.

Miguel loves to travel, he is a football and basketball player and a loyal fan of his local football team, Deportivo de La Coruña.

Rodrigo Hernández

Support Manager

Rodrigo has developed practically all his career linked to LOVIS and its predecessor Dynaware. As soon as he finished his university studies in Industrial Engineering at UPIICSA in the IPN (Politecnico), and after completing a scholarship for a short period of time, he signed for  the company in 2006 as a Junior Consultant. He started implementing LOVIS with different Customers. After demostrating in some projects special qualities for such a young professional, he was promoted to Project Manager, a position he held for a time. He was in charge of overseeing other consultants during the management and implementation of the software. He worked with clients from various sectors, such as manufacturing, government, marketing or services.

Rodrigo is our Support Manager in LOVIS, he manages to greatly reduce the number of pending cases and their response time. He is the person in charge of leading the team that solves the problems that concerns to our customers. He also collaborates with customers so they can optimise the use of the technological platform. Rodrigo works with LOVIS clients and the internal team solving their doubts, giving them training lessons on the platform use and helping them in the different processes. In addition, he offers support to the areas of sales and IT.

He likes to be up to date on new technologies and carry out small carpentry or welding projects. He has also started into the world of photography and he loves swimming.

 “Technology gives people a voice that they may not have had before.”

Alfredo Velasco

Business Intelligence Manager

Alfredo Velasco is a lover of process optimization and production control. He has worked as a consultant in Systems Implementation, has been Director of Recovery in banking, analyzing the financial situation of clients and providing great benefits to the company he worked for. For 11 years, he was Programming and Control Manager, for a big paper industry in Mexico where he coordinated teams between departments, such as sales, credit, production, billing and distribution.

He was Logistics Manager at Eloff Hanson in Mexico, improving warehouse distribution and control systems and developing an application for inventory control. In addition, he is an expert in advanced application development in Excel and Microsoft Project.

Alfredo joined the company in 2008 and since then he is our Business Intelligence Manager. Among its activities and responsibilities are collecting, analyzing and developing tools to help in strategic and operational decision making, the development of applications for project control and the control panel for customer support, as well as the standardization of process diagrams. and work as a consultant.

He graduated as a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer with a specialty in Industrial Engineering from the UNAM in Mexico. He has more than 40 years of professional experience behind him, in which he has been able to develop his management and management qualities in all types of fields and sectors.

Despite his extensive experience, Alfredo’s nonconformist nature leads him to always remain on alert, pending at all times of new updates and technological advances.

He is a swimming lover, and, during the weekends, it is usual to find him hiking and mountaineering routes.

“The only way of being happy is loving what you do.”

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