What’s in it for You?

  • Implement within six months.
  • Go-live with no disruptions.
  • Fully configurable for today and tomorrow.
  • Integrated, continuous and collaborative beginning‑to‑end business processes
  • Run your organisation 24/7 @ 99.97% on the cloud with <1/7 carbon footprint.
  • LOVIS EOS tells you exactly how your organisation is performing in real‑time.
  • Reduce total effort by half.
  • Obtain a 2:1 ROI.

Tell us the problem your current enterprise software cannot solve and in a few weeks, LOVIS EOS will have the solution:


FMCN Non-profit Largest environmental fund in Latin America Full implementation in 16 weeks with no disruption at go-live. Stakeholder's donations active control based on account-centre-project budget and accounting structure. Workflow operation on the cloud. Up to date Financial Statements. 2011- 90%+ reduction in time and effort SENASICA Government Federal Food Health, Safety and Quality Agency Full implementation in 9 months for 1,500 users nationwide and 44 foreign offices. Integrated procurement with active budget control, consumables and fixed assets inventory, finance and accounting in real-time. Government budget, accounting and transparency compliance and interoperabiity. 2008- 290,000 hr/yr effort reduction IMSS Social Welfare Largest treasury in Latin America Full treasury implementation in nine months. Banks, investments, income, expenses and outlays operation. Active budget control. Daily portfolio valuation. Accounting records automatic creation. Data interfaces with other institutional systems. First dynamic hypercubes installation. Effort reduction by half. 1997- 99%+ operational control ZX Ventures Beverages Largest worldwide brewer Full treasury implementation in nine months. Banks, investments, income, expenses and outlays operation. Active budget control. Daily portfolio valuation. Accounting records automatic creation. Data interfaces with other institutional systems. First dynamic hypercubes installation. Effort reduction by half. 2018- 25,000 hours/yr - 2.2 ROI/yr Veta Verde Sustainability Green solutions provider to home developments Full implementation in less than four months. Online operation, finance and accounting workflow in real-time. Distributed operation and control of in-plants and storage facilities located at construction sites. 10 times reduction of lost sales due to inventory shortages. 2013-2015 75% time and effort reduction Nova Capre Automotive Urban bus manufacturer Full implementation in less than five months. Design and make to order business model. Over seven BOM Levels with sub-assembly inventory management and control. Production valuation upon order closing. Supply chain, inventory, manufacturing, finance, accounting, workflow, BI and reporting in real-time. 2016- 20% production time reduction

Business Partners

PIMA Mexico PIMA PIMA is a platform that allows you to accelerate your digital transformation, prevent fraud and comply with regulations through its ecosystem in identity services, offering solutions for each type of industry. 2020- Commercial Partner WIT Mexico - Energy WIT Mexican Boutique Consultancy focused on Business Digital Transformation. 2018- Consultancy Partner StratPlus Latin America StratPlus StratPlus is a company focused on Digital Transformation. Their goal is to innovate by creating disruptive business models able to change the world by facilitating the day-to-day life. 2020- Consultancy Partner Instituto Latin America - Government Instituto Specialised in strategic communication, design and implementation of public policies, election campaigns and Social Engagement Marketing. 2020- Commercial Partner DEINSA Mexico DEINSA DEINSA is a system and management consultancy firm dedicated to the implementation of administrative and operational processes through new technologies. 2020- Consultancy Partner SOLETI SoleTI is a consultancy firm dedicated to the ERP systems implementation (MICROSIP-Manufacturing), specialized in the industrial SME that requires costs and production control. - Horizonte Exponencial Mexico Horizonte Exponencial Organisation that help their clients to define a purpose driven strategy, business model adjustments and operating model transformation. Particularly on the development of personal capabilities, culture and strategy. 2020- Commercial Partner Creixa US & Latin America Creixa Nearly two decades supporting the creation, development and growth of companies with local and international presence. 2019- Consultancy Partner BuzónE México BuzónE Buzón E is a Sanford Group company with more than 17 years of experience, which has established itself as a leader in digital document exchange and financial process automation. 2020- Commercial Partner Diamond Technology United Kingdom Diamond Technology Diamond Technology ensures your project gets off to the very best start possible with our consulting, design and implementation systems. 2020- Consultancy Partner Inttradia America, Europa and Asia - Tech & Aerospace Inttradia Inttradia Inc. is the trade technology company making your international trade journey simpler, more time-efficient and cost- effective than ever before. 2020- Commercial Partner


Sabre Travel Network

Sabre Travel Network

"They also changed the traditional accounting paradigm, registering ordered transactional information, converting it into accounting records and allowing it to be used in any way needed. LOVIS EOS covers 100% of our current requirements!"

José Ramón Flores, Comptroller
ZX Ventures

ZX Ventures

"Happy to have a powerful platform that is flexible to changes (sometimes radical ones) in our organisation. LOVIS has fully adapted to the DNA of ZX Ventures in which innovation and solutions to complex needs are fundamental without losing control."

Narda L. Hernández,
Comptroller ZX Ventures
ABInveb Innovation and Growth Group


"LOVIS EOS is a very flexible solution and adapts easily to our business processes. Our operations are integrated and automated, areas function correctly, we have trustful information and financial control."

Mauricio D’Acosta, CEO


"LOVIS is well known for finishing the projects and deploying a working platform. Now we want to know what else can they help us with, we want to move forward with them.”

Javier Esquinca Andrade, CTO

Jan 2019
Mar 2021:


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