Value Proposition

Let’s work together with our consultancy business partners to understand the problem you need to solve, its implications, causes and consequences. Our team will show you how LOVIS EOS solves it, running live, and the results you will achieve once LOVIS EOS is implemented in your organisation.

The Diagnostic

What worries you? What keeps you awake at night? What are the issues your current enterprise software cannot solve? You and your team will be listened to. The problem and its cause will become clear. Every problem has a solution. Once the cause is found, the solution is within reach.

Every problem also has implications and consequences, some shallow, some deep, some evident, some not. Our job is to navigate with you and find the profound and unnoticeable implications and their impact. Once the problem is solved, the negative consequences disappear, and value is created for your business.

The Solution

We will build a solution for you, whether it is a single beginning-to-end process, a suite of processes or a complete implementation. In a few weeks, you will see how LOVIS EOS fulfils your needs and solves your problems, in a way no other enterprise software will.

“Happy to have a powerful platform that is flexible to all changes (sometimes radical ones) in our organisation. LOVIS has adapted fully to the DNA of ZX Ventures in which innovation and solutions to complex needs are fundamental without losing control.”

Narda Hernandez, Comptroller, ZX Ventures, ABInBev Innovation and Growth Group

Walk on the Clouds

This is not a demonstration, it’s the real thing. Let’s walk through your processes configured on LOVIS EOS using your data, so you are certain. You will see its power and flexibility. Nothing like you have seen before.

Then you can ask our existing clients about their experience during implementation and go-live. Let them tell you about our platform’s flexibility, evolution, new version deployments, everyday performance and 24/7 availability. Some have relied on us for over a decade.

The Project

Business process consultancy is the key to a successful LOVIS EOS implementation.

All our projects start by building your custom set of Next Practices, which combine tried and true operational practices, your hard-earned competitive advantages and the innovative ones that are only possible with LOVIS EOS. You do not have to spend additional resources to get your processes in place, and everything will properly fit together. No justifications.

The consultancy business partner of your choice will structure a project, estimate the reduction in time and effort, and calculate the investment with its expected return. It’s easier to reach your goal when you know where you are going.

The Investment

Our Simultaneous Session pricing scheme is fair, clear and transparent, no surprises. Everything you need to run LOVIS EOS 24/7 at 99.9%+ availability is included. You just need to bring your own internet connected device.

You can create an individual access, security and workflow account for each person in your organisation, as well as those providers and customers you want to include in your extended supply chain. No one will have to share their account ever, and you do not have to pay more.

Based on volume, usage and expected concurrency, we help you set the maximum number of simultaneous sessions you require. You pay the Activation Fee and the Monthly Rent per Simultaneous Session. That’s it.

Whether you are a global corporation, large enterprise, medium or small business, you will find a LOVIS EOS option that suits your needs. Most of the functionality needed to run beginning-to-end business processes is available in all four options, the difference is based on the needs, reach and depth of your organisation.

The Deployment

Deploy the solution within six months. We will work with the consultancy firm responsible for the project, change management, development of your next practices and ensure that everything runs properly. LOVIS will take care of the platform configuration, guide the data preparation and connect the APIs.

Together, we will support you and your team at go-live and during the initial operating period, so there are no operational disruptions at all, and everything runs smoothly.

The Benefits

You will cut the time and effort required to operate your organisation at least by half, by eliminating reworks, reducing errors, creating reliable information in real-time, making the right decisions and regaining control of your business.

You will obtain a minimum 2:1 ROI by reducing costs and expenses while increasing sales.

LOVIS EOS will become your organisation’s nervous system. You and your team will focus in running your business.

Place yourself ahead of your competitors and achieve the high performance you deserve.

April 2019 - March 2020


Full Transactional Availability

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