Value Proposition Backup

The Problem

Our mission is to provide powerful and simple solutions to complex enterprise problems through a real-time, universal, integrated and secure transactional platform on the cloud that saves money, recovers time and makes people happy. Give us a problem and we will build a solution for you.

The Diagnostic

Let’s talk about what worries you, that situation that keeps you awake at night and your current enterprise software does not solve. We will listen to you and your team to understand the problem and help you find the causes. Once the causes are clear we are half the way into solving the problem.

The Implications

Every problem has a solution, otherwise is a tragedy. Also, every problem has consequences, some shallow, some deep, some evident, some not. Our job is to navigate with you and find the profound and unnoticeable implications that have the highest negative impact in your business.

The Solution

Let’s build together a solution to the problem and eliminate its consequences. It can be one beginning to end process, a suite of processes or a complete implementation, in every case you will see LOVIS EOS custom-tailored to fulfil your needs and solve your problem before you commit with us.

Walk on the Clouds

You can take our word and trust that LOVIS EOS will satisfy your needs and solve the problem, but you do not have to. Let’s walk through your processes configured on our platform using samples of your data, so you are certain. Let’s do it in a couple of weeks and you will see its power and flexibility.

The Deployment

Deploy the solution is six months or less. We will partner with the consultancy firm of your choice to help us to manage the project and the needed change within your organisation. Together with us they will develop your custom set of next business practices, document them, train your team and assure these new processes run properly. Meanwhile, LOVIS technology team will take care of the foundational and workflow configuration, guide the master and transactional data preparation and connect the required APIs. Together we will support you and your team during the initial operational period to assure everything is running smoothly.

The Benefits

Together let’s build a value proposal, configure a solution, structure a project and estimate an investment with its expected return. It’s easier to reach your goal when you can see where you are going. Place yourself ahead of your competitors and achieve the high performance you deserve.

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