Reliable and timely e-Accounting reporting.

Worldwide travel technology leader, trusts LOVIS to fulfil e-accounting reporting.

In a nutshell

The Problem

Consolidated Financial Statements, detailed by business unit, were constructed manually.


Time and effort for financial statements construction


Information flexibility in the way that is needed, derived automatically from orderly information registration model.

“Oriented to the operation instead of accounting entries”


Through the automatic obtaining of the Financial Statements they regained around 2000 hours per year.

The Case

SABRE it is a global Company that it has as an objective to give solutions to travel reservations, and since in Mexico electronic accountability since 2014 is required, this company lived the pressure of doing this change in a very short period of time but with a very clear objective. 

The team work in SABRE achieved with the help of LOVIS, what at first seemed impossible: to have a transformation that involved two companies of the group. The results of this transformation were really visible; SABRE gave on time the reports that the Mexican government required.


The Tax Authority established the new normative that requires companies since 2014 to give the accountability information that comes directly from the transactions that were made in the company and register them directly in electronic media under the criteria that the authority determined.

  • The union of the register processes with the accountability processes.
  • Adapt the information captured processes, as well as the data criteria structure that the authority is requiring to deliver the reports.

Because of this requirements, SABRE established that the only solution that could meet the fundamental criteria would be LOVIS, and Enterprise Operating System (EOS), this modern system is based since its origins in the cloud and it does not requires any type of code development to function; this way it could be available since the first day of the project.


Team from LOVIS as well as several co-workers from SABRE worked actively in the implementation time. The challenge was in making the implementation against the clock and make all the adequations to the processes.

To assure that it wouldn’t be any rejection to this change inside the company, LOVIS suggested a comprehensive training approach. This way the collaborators work was more solid which was fundamental for this to succeed. Because of this, all the structure information was completed: client’s catalogs, suppliers, materials, costs, bank accounts, among others.


  • Now SABRE has the visibility of all the accountable information on real time.
  • They can generate account reports instantly.
  • SABRE was able to fit all the governmental requirements at 100% for the delivery of information and the electronic accountability.
  • Their financial statements can be shown in foreign currency.
  • Billing time was reduced by 70% on average.
  • Tasks were simplified and the total effort of the organization to obtain fully accounting information was reduced.

January - December 2019


Full Transactional Availability

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