Streamlined inventory, finance, budget and accounting procedures.

70% of administrative duties and 58% of processes automated.

The case

National security agency responsible for food health relies on LOVIS to continuously operate online and on real-time.

National health, food safety and quality services it’s the one in charge of guaranteeing optimal conditions for food in Mexico, as well as detecting risks and threats. That one of its attributions is to prevent the entrance of pests and diseases that will affect our food industry, which they prevent by the sanitary control of all the imports, exports and re-exports and merchandise that it is in transit.

The problem:

SENASICA (acronym in Spanish) still depended in manual processes for all its operations: accounting information, budgets controls, inventories, among others. It was decided to have reliable information in real time, to direct the efforts of its members to be able to dedicate the time to tasks that really matter and required human attention. 

SENASICA needed to modernize technologically, to streamline its procedures, have greater financial clarity and, above all, give its members the tools to make their day to day easier and have more time available to focus on what is really important for each one.

It did all its processes manually, which made it difficult to clarify the inside and hindered the handling of information, because decisions were made with unreliable information.

It was decided to look for a technological solution to improve all areas of SENASICA, by automating tasks and the possibility of having reliable information on real time. 

They decided to work as a team to achieve the change in the most positive way. During a year and a half, a process of awareness and preparation was started in which all the members had the opportunity to know what was going to happen, the reasons and potential benefits, as well as express their opinions about it.

They decided to go for LOVIS because it was the most complete, faster and it qualified with the established regulations by the Public Function Secretary, also it was within the budget margins and offered the automatization for the processes that the organization was looking. It would make the interoperability easier with the other systems of SAGARPA (the secretary SENASICA belongs to)


In the implementation, the four thousand people from the internal team and the twenty thousand that contribute throughout Mexico to the dependency effort of the institution, were benefited with this process.


  • 70% of the administrative duties now count with a technological automatization.
  • 58% of the processes in different areas are now automatized, giving more personal time to the co-workers. 
  • Active Full Budget Control throughout the whole process from beadings to payments.
  • Now there is unique data center which now concentrates and backs up all SENASICA information with replication in other data centers, this gives security when needed in a crisis.
  • LOVIS EOS fills all the federal government requirements as SENASICA because of its functions, it is considered a National Security Institution.
  • Information online and on real time.
  • More efficiency and more transparency in the processes. 

“It was scary at first, but it became daily and natural, now is common it is not something new anymore, now is a part of our daily days. The value of LOVIS is of something finished that works.”

Javier Esquinca Andrade, CTO

January - December 2019


Full Transactional Availability

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