The Solution

We believe your organisation needs a custom tailored solution that satisfies your needs and solves your problems from the beginning. What your company does not need is to adopt the one-fits-all approach that makes you lose your hard earned competitive advantages. Neither should you spend effort, time and money trying to build a custom solution, when it already exist. That is an investment Enterprise Software providers should do.

This is why LOVIS invested the money, time and effort in research and development necessary to create the first fully universal, configurable and scalable Enterprise Operating System, that quickly and easily adapts to your company today and tomorrow.


The first universal and configurable, ready-to-use enterprise application, supports our clients’ operations at every moment.

Every process is parameterised at the time of implementation, according to the country, size and sectors your company belongs to. As your organisation evolves, LOVIS EOS parameters are adjusted in a simple, effective process. This way technology becomes an ally in reaching your present and future goals.

Easy to Use

With a familiar Graphical User Interface, LOVIS EOS can be accessed from any tablet, smartphone, PC or Mac via any connection to Internet.

The user signs into our cloud platform through a bank-grade secure connection from any place, even from public computers. LOVIS EOS activates all the functions authorised by the security and workflow profiles and roles. Users can close the connection any time without having to close their running session and reconnect from anywhere else to continue their work exactly where they left it, without worrying about security issues.

Fast to Implement

LOVIS EOS is configured in a matter of weeks and implemented in a few months to solve the problems and satisfy the needs current enterprise software cannot.

Our implementations, which are executed by our partners, include business and operating processes design and implementation, change management, project management, connections to other software via APIs, training, integral tests and hyper care to make the transition smooth.


As your organisation is one and the same, so is LOVIS EOS. Every transaction is made into the application by the person in your organisation that really knows what is going on.

The information that reflects this transaction enters the database naturally, it is validated and its effects are applied upon all related transactions. Aggregate data calculations are performed immediately, this way all the information within the database is valid, integral and up-to-date at every moment.


LOVIS EOS got rid of monthly accounting closing procedures and data-warehouse creation processes that delay company’s operation, with the burden and uncertainty they impose.

This allows every member of your staff to perform their duties on LOVIS EOS at the moment those transactional events are happening, and everyone else can do their job on a timely fashion. Your company operates continuously and synchronised, boosting productivity and improving wellbeing, which creates more wealth for the organisation and its members.


Every transaction is created using business concepts, not accounting ones.

It is much easier for everyone to understand what is going on and obtain actionable data at any level of detail, instantly. Every day, all transactions are converted into their accounting equivalents to build the accounting reports required by several stakeholders.

As a result, Financial Statements are available at every moment for any level and combination of Business Units and Business Lines, updated to the previous day or even to the most recent transaction.

On the Cloud

High performance businesses require high performance solutions. Integrated Cloud-Based LOVIS EOS allows your organisation to operate 24/7 from any device, at any given time, anywhere in the world.

Our DOD 6 Security Level and Tier IV Uptime Institute Availability, give you the dependability and peace of mind that your organisation requires with less than a seventh of the carbon footprint of other Enterprise Applications.

Your implementation project begins at day one, without spending your money, time and energy into expensive IT platforms, software licensing, nor custom programming. Moreover, you are not tied to any forced term and, in the unlikely case you want to leave us, there are no penalisations whatsoever.


Plenty end-user reports, queries and BI tools are available instantly to make the right decision.

End-users can create and run custom queries and reports whenever they need them, in an easy yet powerful way. When you ask politely, LOVIS Assistant will tell you how your organisation is performing right now, leaving your competitors speechless.

January - December 2019


Full Transactional Availability

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