The Solution Backup

Adaptive, Fast to Implement

LOVIS EOS supports all the variations of every business process your organisation needs from the beginning. It is customised, using specific business parameters, in a matter of weeks and implemented in a few months, on-time and within budget. There is no operational disruption at go-live and it easily adapts to future challenges.

Integrated, Certain

LOVIS EOS is integrated and in real-time, so everything your team does, creates detail and aggregate data on the spot. Your organisation has timely and reliable information that reflects the reality, hence the best decisions are made.

Easy to Use, Collaborative

LOVIS EOS considers both the person and the team. Every task is preconfigured to minimise human effort and maximise data quality. Assigning new roles and profiles is fast and easy, automatically updating data access and workflow, improving security, communication and collaboration.

Continuous, Reliable

LOVIS EOS runs continuously, since we have eliminated the need for monthly closing procedures and infrastructure maintenance tasks with their corresponding disruptions, helping your organisation to run smoothly and flow into success.

Transactional, Real-time

Every transaction is created using business terms. Everyone understands what is going on and instantly obtains real-time actionable data at any level of detail. All transactions are converted into their accounting equivalents, delivering up-to-date operational and financial reports and statements.

Available, Secure

LOVIS EOS is native to the cloud. Annually available 24/7 at 99.9%+, accessible from any device, anywhere and military-grade secure. You only need a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone and a connection to Internet. We built it and we run it for you, so you can be more agile than your competitors. 

Process Based, Evolutive

LOVIS EOS evolves with you, being ready to fulfil your present and future requirements. Every time we find a new variation to any process, we incorporate it into LOVIS EOS, allowing all our customers to benefit from our continuous improvement.

Powerful, Actionable

LOVIS EOS includes hundreds of queries, reports and BI tools. End-users can instantly customise and run them, or create their own in an easy, yet powerful way. When you ask politely, LOVIS Assistant will tell you how your organisation is currently performing, leaving your competitors speechless.

Productive, Profitable

With up to 5 to 1 long-term increase in productivity and 2 to 1 annual return over investment, LOVIS EOS enables the members of your team to get the job done without the frustration generated by disarticulated enterprise software that relies on spreadsheets and email. LOVIS EOS is the solution you and your team have been looking for.

Fair, Transparent

Our simultaneous sessions pricing schemes, available for small, medium, large and global enterprises, are fair, clear and transparent, so no surprises. We put in everything you need, you bring your Internet connected device, that’s it.

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