The New Category

Disruption is not evolution. When a market is broken, trying to glue it through more of the same is not enough. Building a new model from the ground-up is the solution.

Some years ago, the taxi service model was broken in most cities around the world. Expensive, bad and insecure service was the norm almost everywhere. The opportunity was there to be taken. The solution was not an app created by a group of cab drivers, it had to come from somewhere else. Someone saw a group of people with free time and a car available, willing to make extra income and other group that craved for good service when riding securely from A to B on a clean car while paying a fair price with their credit card.

When Uber was conceived the mobility app market did not exist. Its market value was zero and there was no magic quadrant. It was a new category, it was a market disruption.

Enterprise software market is broken and many providers are trying to fix it with more of the same. The problem is in its fundamentals. Clients are exhausted. Paying huge amounts of money for never ending projects that do not deliver as promised, leave companies worse than they were before. The market needs a totally different approach: enterprise software that solves problems from the beginning, adapts to any organisation easily, is successfully implemented in a few months, runs continuously and is available 24/7. Enterprise software the simplifies things and empowers people and organisations.

If mobility apps were built by modules and interfaces, like most enterprise software available today is, the driver and you would still be waiting for data interfaces to be run and Uber would not exist.

Today the Enterprise Operating System, or EOS, market category does not exist, the market value is almost zero and there is no magic quadrant, yet. It is a new category and a market disruption.

The fundamentals are totally different. Configurable, scalable, ready to use, adapts to any company, any sector, any size and any country out of the box via business oriented parameters. Runs integrated end-to-end business processes and its many variations without interfaces between the components of the system. Accounting is derived completely and directly from transactional information that reflects the reality of the organisation. Does not stop monthly or annually for closing accounting, creating aggregate data or solving technical infrastructure problems. Runs on the cloud to maximise security, availability and freedom.

LOVIS EOS, Enterprise Software Created for Humans.

Jan 2019
Mar 2021:


Full transactional
from anywhere
at any time