The Innovation

When you simplify the running of your business, you increase its productivity, profitability and well‑being.

For the last fifty years businesses have become increasingly more complex. This has been caused by a growing diversification in consumers’ and end-users’ expectations. Most organisations have been unsuccessfully trying to sort out this complexity by implementing information technologies. As today many organisations still use the modular function‑based tools of the 90s, which evolved from the data input systems of the 70s, the beginning-to-end business processes are broken.

In a bid to plug this software’s process gaps, organisations have become increasingly reliant on spreadsheets and other mechanisms to deliver integrated, continual, beginning‑to‑end process support. But as business complexities increase, so too does the need for a new software system. LOVIS Enterprise Operating System (EOS).

The need

Any organisation that runs and creates data, making decisions every minute of every day, should have the best technology, ensuring operational work flows are continually supported in an integrated and synchronised way. The system should also create and store detailed data, reflecting business operations in real‑time, giving users access to instant and reliable information. Does your system offer this level of support?

“Existing ERP systems do not have full capabilities to handle the more sophisticated data trends, analytic methods and algorithms that need to be used to provide the more advanced business intelligence and foresight that will be needed in the Industry 4.0 era.

”2016 Global Industry 4.0 Survey by PwC

The problem

Many enterprise software systems have failed to deliver. Investing time, effort and money to customise existing software creates uncertainty, relies on old practices and causes potential growth barriers. Building solutions around different modules or products that should be integrally connected leads to data silos and data‑sharing interfaces. Operations are also disrupted by monthly closedown procedures and infrastructure maintenance, resulting in users turning to emails and spreadsheets to fill the gaps.

Making an informed decision is difficult when unreliable data is scattered across an organisation.

The innovation

The answer? Fully configurable, continuously available, transactional and systemic enterprise software that not only reflects operational activity in real‑time but evolves in line with your business. Having been told “This is impossible,” LOVIS remembered the words of Henry Ford “Nothing is impossible, just no one has done it yet” and took up the challenge.

The solution 

A new dawn in the world of enterprise software – the Enterprise Operating System.

With every organisation built around business processes and every process created by individual interconnected transactions, the solution is to allow every user to perform every transaction, at anytime, anywhere directly on LOVIS EOS. The event data is created when the tasks are executed, by the people making them happen. And with accounting being the common language for stakeholders, the system automatically builds it, drawing upon transactional data created by business teams.

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June 2019 - May 2020


Full Transactional Availability