Rodrigo Hernández

Support Manager

Industrial Engineer, began his professional career at LOVIS in 2006 as a Junior Consultant. He soon promoted to Project Manager, overseeing entire teams of consultants. As a Support Manager, he reduced the number of pending cases and their response time. He provides training sessions and he supports the sales and IT areas.

Rodrigo has developed practically all of his career linked to LOVIS and its predecessor Dynaware. As soon as he finished his university studies in Industrial Engineering at UPIICSA in the IPN (Politecnico), and after completing a scholarship for a short period of time, he signed for  the company in 2006 as a Junior Consultant. He started implementing LOVIS with different Customers. After demostrating in some projects special qualities for such a young professional,

he was promoted to Project Manager, a position he held for a time. He was in charge of overseeing other consultants during the management and implementation of the software. He worked with clients from various sectors, such as manufacturing, government, marketing or services.

She currently serves as Support Manager, he managed to greatly reduce the number of pending cases and their response time. He is the person in charge of leading the team that solves the problems that concerns to our customers. He also collaborates with customers so they can optimise the use of the technological platform. Rodrigo works with LOVIS clients and collaboratos solving their doubts, giving to them training lessons on the platform use and helping them in the different processes. In addition, he offers support to the areas of sales and IT.

He likes to be up to date on new technologies and carry out small carpentry or welding projects. He has also started into the world of photography and he loves swimmming.

“Technology gives people a voice that they may not have had before.”