Carolina Pacheco

Communication and Public Relations Director

Expert in Communication and Public Relations, more than 15 years of experience in public affairs, leading national campaigns of Image and Media. Member of the UN World Youth Alliance and currently studying an MBA in Neuromarketing.

Carolina Pacheco has worked throughout her professional life in the field of communication and public relations. During her career, she was Coordinator of the social area in a political party in Mexico. Later becoming the Director of Public Relations and Social Work for the Congressman for the state of Sonora at that time.

In Mexico, she joined the Presidential Campaign being the Coordinator of the image and media for the nationwide Senate Candidates. Once the election was won, she became Coordinator of the affiliated organisations, which led her later to be the Private Secretary for the Congresswoman for Chihuahua at that moment.

Member of the World Youth Alliance of the United Nations Organisation Sonora-Arizona region. Collaborated with the American Consulate as an Official Translator for the meeting of US / Mex border governors.

She was Advisor to the Director of the National Technological Institute of Mexico within the Ministry of Public Education. Subsequently, and thanks to his well-worked experience, she was the Executive Assistant to the President of LOVIS, Rafael Funes.

 Graduated in Tourism Business Administration, her thesis was awarded the Cum Laude seal and is currently part of the recurring consultation file of the University del Valle de Mexico. With studies at the Public Image College, she regularly provides advice and coaching of Image and Communication, as well as English language counseling in the French city where she lives.

Currently, she is studying an MBA in the University of Alcalá de Henares and Carolina is the Director of Communication and Public Relations at LOVIS. It is dedicated, among many other things, to the development of communication and marketing strategies. In which she performs multiple functions such as conflict resolution of internal and external relations, delegation of functions, as well as creating an atmosphere of trust and unity within the organisation.

“The impossible is always possible for those who believe they can.”