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A few days ago, in another Newsletter, we commented that when an organization selects a Business System to operate, it is making a decision that will accompany them for a long time (typically years). Not only that, it will be “marrying” a partner that will undoubtedly influence your future success or failure.

That is why at LOVIS, we always seek to be “the right partner” for our clients to be successful. For that, we have decided to be close to them, understand their business and help them find the way to achieve success, offering them certainty and less complexity.

This proximity and understanding (we like to be their allies and not just suppliers) have allowed us to know that many of them have been prosperous or tremendously successful today. Thanks to the fact that they have focused their attention on what they know the best: Their Business.

They have in common that they have relied on LOVIS, the control and processes, so their company can operate in an organised and efficient way, without complications and allowing them to gain an average of 2 hours-person a day to use the time in what suits them best.

All businesses have complexities and challenges that managers must solve, supported by the company’s team. At LOVIS, we understand that this challenge is already demanding enough and that no one needs the business SW to add another one artificially. Sometimes (I know directly) even require the company to suspend some critical activities for whole days, such as the invoicing, because they are in the monthly closing of operations.

SW helps us make life easier and the company more efficient and not the other way around, or at least that is the way it should be.

The pandemic, which came to change everyone’s habits, including companies, has also tested the benefits of business systems. In LOVIS, our clients did not have any disruption. They could continue working from home with the same security as before. Their business grew big time so that more transactions, inquiries, and interactions were carried out every day with total protection from their personal computer or tablet. They have let us know that they did not doubt that LOVIS EOS would be up to the task and could adequately respond to its unusually high volume of transactions.

For us, the true merit of company success is the management team and the staff who manage to achieve and exceed the goals. Having a Business Operating System for Humans gives certainty in operation, which is flexible to adapt to changes, provides timely information, and does not hinder them internally to expand. It is priceless.

This is why there are ten questions that we recommend our customers ask themselves periodically to get the most out of LOVIS EOS:

1.            Is there any functionality that LOVIS EOS currently doesn’t do that you think would be great to do? At LOVIS, we will evaluate it with you and, if it strengthens our capabilities and is aligned with our way of doing things, we will develop it for you. This is how we have designed LOVIS EOS and the reason why it is so complete.

2.            Is your company changing its turn, expanding its markets, or does it plan using alternative ways of reaching the market? Let’s talk; we can help you, and thanks to the versatility of LOVIS EOS, we can easily configure it, and in a few days, you will have those new functionalities.

3.            Do you know that there is a change in the legislation in your industry that will require making some adjustments in the way of presenting information or working differently? Come and talk to us; surely we can help you get ahead of your competition.

4.            Do you have new staff, or do you think your team needs some refresher courses in the use of LOVIS EOS? We’d love to help you so you can always get the most out of it. We have many guides, courses, and functionalities to support you, and even we can personalize a class for you.

5.            When you implemented LOVIS EOS, were there functions that you knew existed, but at that moment, you decided that you did not want to use them, and now is time to do it? Talk to us, and we will be delighted to help you “opening” new options for you and to get more out of the SW that you already have and use every day. There are many features that you are probably not operating, and there is no cost for you to access them.

6.            Are there times when some people on the team have to wait to access the platform because they have reached the maximum number of sessions contracted? It is something easy to solve, and in a few hours, we can enable you the additional sessions that you require without even your team noticing it. Our robust cloud platform takes all of that into consideration.

7.            Are you thinking of buying a SW that will complement LOVIS EOS? Many of our clients have payroll, CRMs, Marketplaces, and other functionalities connected to LOVIS. We suggest that before deciding which one is the right one, you talk to one of our experts so they can recommend to you what to order and how to call it. We are part of your team, and we can help you make it happen. Rely on our recommendations to make your life easier.

8.            Does your company use Excel spreadsheets to execute critical functions in operation? Come to us; we can help you obtain reliable information from your system and accompany you on the path to a simpler and more authentic life.

9.            Do you have the information you require for making the best decisions at hand? One of our consultants can help you and give your team training on how to get the most out of Dynaqube and the reporting tools that LOVIS already has installed.

10.          Would you like our voice assistant to be able to inform you of the most relevant data of your company so that the executive team or whoever you authorize can consult them and receive real-time information when they need it? Listen to this demo, and it could precisely be like this:

All of this and more is possible with LOVIS

Starting a conversation with LOVIS is very simple; our experts will listen to you and show you how to improve the way you operate your business with the Enterprise Software that we have developed for you.

Say yes to LOVIS, say yes to Succes!

Carlos Calvo
Commercial Director

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