Luis Pedroza

Sales Director LOVIS Mexico

Luis Pedroza has over 30 years of experience in providing IT solutions (software, services and hardware) to his clients, based on value, trust and strong interpersonal relationships. His expertise includes consultancy, sales, and financial services, where he has developed a deep knowledge in banking, insurance, and microfinance.

Born in Mexico City, he obtained a bachelor’s degree in “Computer Systems for Management” at the ITESM Campus Estado de Mexico. Luis started his career in Ernst & Young within the IT Consulting Division as an analyst. Thanks to his abilities in communication, he led a training program for internal consultants and clients, training more than 300 people. After leaving, EY he joined Andersen Consulting/Accenture as a Business Development Director. Acting in parallel as Marketing Manager, he was responsible for creating a new image and leading a re-branding campaign, which evolved Anderson Consulting into Accenture.

After a couple of years as Sales Manager at Electronic Data Systems (EDS), he became Sales Director of EFP, a company focusing on providing the core system for the Mexican Pension Funds Administrators. Luis also worked in New Jersey for XCEL Corp as LATAM Sales Director, and then, he worked as Sales Director for Digipro, where restructured the commercial division.

He worked for SAP as Global Account Director and, in 2017, he was awarded “Salesman of the Year for LATAM”. Prior to LOVIS, Luis worked at NEORIS as Financial Services Director and Brand Ambassador strengthening alliances with key players and participating in major RFP strategic projects.

His experience as Sales Director, Strategic Account Director and Alliances Director within various consultancy firms, software providers and IT Niches Organizations endorses him as a trusted advisor and allowed him to become in 2020 Sales Director of LOVIS Mexico.

Luis is a passionate of watching and practising all kinds of sports. As he says, “a day without practising sport is a lost day” so he finds in sport many analogies that apply in professional work. His daily work is based on interaction, results, and accountability around the customers. Luis is a faithful believer in human relations, so the business transformation is not just about technology.

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