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Rafael Funes

Executive Chairman

Creator of LOVIS EOS, Enterprise Software Created for Humans, foundational technology for digital transformation and Enterprise 4.0.

Rafael received the Author’s Merit National Order of Honour, State of Mexico Science and Technology Award and Tecnológico de Monterrey Professional Merit Award, where he graduated as Industrial and Systems Engineer.

Under his leadership DynaWare occupied the second position in Mexico and seventeenth in Latin America in the Great Place to Work Institute rankings.

Rafael has been Member, Vice-President and President of the Board of AMITI and Patron of ANZMEX and MEXUKCC. He is Member of the Board of BritChaM and Tec de Monterrey Digital Transformation Hub. Member of COMEXI and DIT LATAM Investors Club Chairman.

He has been speaker at OECD Ministerial Summit on Digital Economy 2016, World Strategic Forum 2017, International Economic Forum 2016-2018, Mexico Business Summit 2016-2019, Imperial College London IoTSM Congress 2018 and INC mty 2019.

Rafael has been Lecturer on Common Good and Duties of the Elites at USEM for more than ten years and Leadership Professor at “Tecnológico de Monterrey” for over five years.

Entrepreneur, writer, musician and photographer.

“Nothing is impossible, just no one has done it yet.”

Jaime Moreno

Chief Technology Officer

Jaime is a Mechanic Engineer who has over 15 years of experience in operations, commercial and quality control area. He has been in charge of the software development in different business intelligence applications within LOVIS. Because of his wide experience, he was awarded with the maximum level of certification of the Common Sense of EOS level IV. He is based in Spain, supervising the consultancy, commercial, support and client relations area.

Passionate for sports and music.

“Great things are achieved by great work.”

Carolina Pacheco

Communication and Marketing Director

Carolina graduated from Business Administration and worked for over 12 years in public affairs, managing different areas. With experience in public relations, communication and public image. She coordinated the image and media national campaign for the Senate candidates in Mexico. She is based in France.

Carolina loves gastronomy, music, languages, travel and is currently studying an MBA in Neuromarketing.

“The impossible is always possible for those who believe they can.”

Danielle Romero

Partner and Alliance Director

Informatics Engineer with an expertise in telecom and a master’s in business, graduated with honours and a member of the “Beta Gamma Sigma Honour Society.” Danielle has 15 years of experience in managing national commercial and marketing areas for companies in Mexico and Venezuela. She is based in Mexico.

She has a certification as a Health Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition complementing it with other health related studies. She is passionate about health and well-being.

“Great partnerships are founded on common goals”

Mariana Zapico

Communication and Marketing Manager

Mariana graduated as a Financial and Accounting degree with an MBA in Finance. She worked for over eight years in the auditing, finance and procurement area, both in the private and public sectors, dealing with international costumers and companies with world wide market shares in Mexico. She is based in Spain.

She is a sports lover and is currently studying an MBA in Digital Marketing and wants to travel around the world.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”

Rodrigo Hernández

Support Manager

Rodrigo is an Industrial Engineer with more than 13 years of experience in Business Consultancy, implementing LOVIS along his way in the company. He is based in Mexico and helps our clients to fulfill their needs, profit and manage LOVIS EOS.

He loves spending his spare time building home projects and swimming.

 “Technology gives people a voice that they may not have had before.”

Alfredo Velasco

Business Intelligence Manager

Alfredo is a Mechanic and Electric Engineer with 11 years of experience in Production Manager, Production Planning and Control Manager in the Paper Industry and with more than 12 years of experience developing automatic applications for LOVIS EOS. He helps our clients to make strategical and operational decisions. He is based in Mexico.

Loves swimming and mountaineering.

“The only way of being happy is loving what you do.”

January - December 2019


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