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Now our company is better prepared to face competition, invest in new projects and improve our quality systems.

I will no longer be distracted by daily repetitive administrative and operational tasks, and will be focused making decisions to transform Cal del Valle into a more competitive organisation.”

Jesús Dagda, CEO

Cal del Valle

LOVIS EOS deployment was scary at first. Soon enough it became a natural day-to-day operation, today is common to all of us, it is not a novelty anymore.

LOVIS is well known for finishing the projects and deploying a working platform. Now we want to know what else can they help us with, we want to move forward with them.”

Javier Esquinca Andrade, CTO


Happy to have a powerful platform that is flexible to changes (sometimes radical ones) in our organisation. LOVIS has adapted fully to the DNA of ZX Ventures in which innovation and solutions to complex needs are fundamental without losing control.”

Narda L. Hernández  
Comptroller ZX Ventures

ABInveb Innovation and Growth Group

ZX Ventures

February 2019 - January 2020


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