From detailed surgery cost and patient account in real-time to floor pharmacy operation and more, LOVIS EOS gives you the healthcare industry solutions you need to thrive

  • Track all services provided to patients through detailed and highly accurate traceability of all consumables used, health personnel interventions associated with patient services and equipment.
  • Detailed each patient cost-profit.
  • Cost and use control of all the equipment, materials and people involved in the surgeries process.
  • Transparent and total control of your suppliers merchandising under consignment model
  • Fixed assets fully control-related maintenance costs, location, person-in-charge, and detailed traceability by serial or inventory number.
  • Guarantee your products’ safety, quality, and efficiency through controls of expiration and quarantine, supporting strict batch consumption control.
  • Know the status of each item in real-time and perform daily cyclic inventories without stopping the operation.
  • Highly reliable seven inventory layers that optimise inventories over multiple and distributed storage facilities.
  • Multi-currency centralised and distributed domestic, imports, and exports with bulk tolerances. Considering import documents, customs and transit controls, tariff fees, logistics costs, and INCOTERMS.
  • Non-stop controlled and multiple currency financial operations generate precise receivables, banks, investments, credit lines and payables. Have effective compliance and avoid record duplication.
  • Pharmacy Point of Sale (POS), from those where the whole sales process is performed in a single position to those where the sale, delivery and payment are made in different ones.
    • Barcode reading, POS and TPV connection, and customer loyalty programs support
    • End of day pharmacy sales reconciliation with different payment types and commission calculation
    • Real-time inventory and availability to display stocks at other pharmacy points of sale and expiration controls