The most common causes are:

  1. Faulty connection to internet
  2. RDP Client is not installed
  3. User account has been blocked

These are the most common causes for this error message:

  1. You don’t have access to the Internet.
  2. There’s a problem with the network you’re connected to.
  3. You are trying to access from a secondary remote desktop.
  4. The ports used for Remote Desktop access are blocked in your network’s firewall.

Try connecting to another network, verify you have access to the Internet and the problem should get solved.

Press [Ctrl]+[esc] to bring up the icons on your remote desktop. If they do not appear, please contact Technical Assistance and ask them to restart your session.


You can create the accounting records for one or more days selecting Modules – Accounting – Accounting Generation Process from the Menu. Verify the date range you want to generate and click Ok. The process will inform you when finished.

Business Partner

We offer three partner schemes: referral business partner, commercial business partner and consultancy business partner. Detailed information on each of these schemes, as well as their scope, can be found here https://www.lovis.com/es/business-partner-programs/

Yes, digital and printed marketing material is available, which we hope will generate interest among partners’ prospects and clients.

We’re currently developing a certification programme for business partners, benchmarking different levels of expertise. This helps the most experienced partners meet their goals and enables certified individuals to access benefits that encourage them to continue creating business opportunities together.

Yes, a partner will be joined by an expert from our commercial area. This ensures partners can answer the commercial questions that usually arise and going forward, it equips them with the skills and insight to understand the real needs of the client and how LOVIS EOS can meet them. It also gives partners the confidence to carry out the entire sales process until the contract is signed.

Yes. We’ve developed a training programme so partners can develop the skills and knowledge they need to offer LOVIS EOS to prospects and customers.

Yes, our partners are welcome to grow in tandem with LOVIS, so if a referral partner develops the business skills to offer clients our business solution, they can become a commercial partner.

There are two levels of business partner commission: an activation amount that’s paid at the beginning of the project (relating to three months’ monthly income), and a monthly income, based upon the number of simultaneous sessions contracted by the client. Different amounts of commission are payable, dependent upon the scheme entered into.

At LOVIS we offer our partners three partner schemes: REFERRAL BUSINESS PARTNER, COMMERCIAL BUSINESS PARTNER and CONSULTANCY BUSINESS PARTNER. Detailed information on each of these schemes as well as the scope of each program is available on our site: https://www.lovis.com/es/business-partner-programs/


A collaborative workflow solution is part of LOVIS EOS, enabling you to track in real- time, what’s happening within your company.

Among other things, the process integration is a key difference. It gives users beginning-to-end control of transactions as they happen in real-time, avoiding the possibility of execution outside established work-flow protocols.

Our promise is that it takes less than six months to implement. However, we have completed this sooner (it depends upon the size of the organisation).

LOVIS EOS can integrate with other company systems through APIs or file sharing in Demilitarised Zones (DMZ) and other protocols. Depending on requirements, it can be real-time integration or via information exchange processes.

There’s a monthly charge to use LOVIS EOS and the cost is determined by the number of people simultaneously using it. The rent includes everything you need to run the system, without additional charges.

Yes. The solution has military-grade security that allows you to identify users and levels of authority.LOVIS as a solution has a military-grade security scheme that allows you to define for each user the permissions that you have within the system.

No, as it’s a fully integrated system supporting all business processes, it cannot be separated into singular modules.

No, our solution and pricing scheme is designed for a range of companies – from SMEs to large global corporations.

Yes, it is compatible with any industry. LOVIS EOS supports all functions across any type of business (and is currently being used by 25 different industries and sub-sectors).

LOVIS EOS was developed after many years’ experience sourcing software solutions for clients from different industries around the world. The result? A single, totally adaptive enterprise software solution that’s fully configurable – ie capable of meeting the needs of any company, without the need for programming.

LOVIS is more than an ERP, it’s an Enterprise Operating System (EOS) that supports a company’s entire operation with integrated beginning-to-end processes.

No, just 16kb per user. The solution is designed to minimise information sharing and transactions, so the broadband consumption is low.


The most common causes for this error message to appear in inventory transfers and consumptions are:

  1. One or more of the items involved in the movement, has no inventory existence or it is insufficient.
  2. Items may be being used repeatedly in the same movement, which causes the quantities to be added up and could lead to insufficient inventory existence.

Inventory entries are not displayed when you want to distribute expenses on a payable invoice document (GF) because:

  1. The inventory entry is not “Assigned”.
  2. The payables invoice is not “Applied”.
  3. The items on the payables invoice have no distributable balance.

The button is not enabled when:

  1. The inventory movement has not been released
  2. There are no detail entries
  3. Item is handled by lot number or serial number and has not been indicated
  4. Item is perishable and an expiration date has not been indicated


Payables documents cannot be applied because:

  1. The payables document has not been released
  2. The Date is closed
  3. The Period is closed
  4. There are no detail entries
  5. The payable balance is zero
  6. There is another payable derived from the same inventory entry

Inventory entries are not displayed when you want to distribute expenses on a payable invoice document (GF) because:

  1. The inventory entry is not “Assigned”.
  2. The payables invoice is not “Applied”.
  3. The items on the payables invoice have no distributable balance.


Please activate the Adobe Creator option.


A security profile can be made up of the following security roles:

  1. Functional
  2. Series
  3. Item types
  4. Entity types

An authorisation value limit can be set to each profile. Besides, a single entity can be assigned to a profile to give secure access to providers and customers.

This usually happens when a new series has not been assigned to the Series’ Roles of the selected user profile. Please ask your System Administrator to grant you the permissions.

Yes. The Entity ID of the provider or customer can be assigned to a user profile to limit secure access only to the transactions related to them.

Yes, every user can have more than one security profile, except in Basic subscription level.

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