Operating System or Information System?

Did you knew that an information system weakens your company’s performance and an operating system strengthens it? What’s the difference? As the name says, information systems are oriented to the information and operating systems to the operation. To explain this, I will take an example of our daily lives.

When we go to a merchant and we pay with our card the following happens: the cashier brings us a POS terminal, of those devices that read our credit card to charge us, we verify if the amount is correct, we pass our card through the machine and digitally sign with our PIN, immediately we receive a notification to our mobile and see discounted the amount paid from our bank statement.

But this wasn’t always the case…

A few years ago, when we were charged, they took and copied our card with a mechanical device, which gave a paper voucher with our card data, they put manually the quantity and gave it to us so we could sign it with a pen. They gave you a copy, the merchant stayed with another copy and gave another one to the bank. After a while the merchant gave the vouchers to the bank and an army of people captured manually the data of your payment in an information system. 

The first example is an operation system. Registration is performed on the system at the time the event happens by publishing the information immediately.

This unlike the second example, where the register in the information system is made days later and because of that the payment will not be reflected in our Account Statement until then. Decisions cannot be made during this period. Does this sounds familiar in the business field?

In the operation system of the first example the register is made and validated by the persons responsible for the transaction ensuring its reliability. In the information system from the second example a third person that was not aware of the real event and without a frame of reference to prevent him from making mistakes, is the one performingthe registration. 

Is your company’s system an operating or information system?

LOVIS EOS (Enterprise Operation System)

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