Enterprise Software Created for Humans – backup

Enterprise Software Created for Humans

LOVIS EOS is the enterprise software platform on the cloud that puts you first.

Fast, secure, reliable and configurable, it shows you exactly how your organisation is performing right now.

Don’t struggle with an Enterprise Software system that treats you like a machine. LOVIS works with your people and processes – not the other way around.

LOVIS EOS Infographic


Allocating inventory across multiple platforms

The world’s largest brewer, ABInbev trusts LOVIS with its e-commerce inventory across platforms.

Travel Technology

Reliable and timely e-Accounting reporting

Worldwide travel technology leader, trusts LOVIS to fulfil e-accounting reporting.

Food Health

Full Transactional, Accounting and Budget Operation on Real-Time

National security agency responsible for food health relies on LOVIS to continuously operate online and on real-time.

All you need

All you need

Ready To Use, Configurable, Scalable, Universal Enterprise Software, For you.

Your organisation is unique, and evolves to satisfy new market challenges. You require a business technology platform that supports your Next Practices, from day one and through their future evolution. End-to-end business processes and their many variations are readily available for you.

Whether you are in one or multiple countries and sectors, LOVIS EOS adapts to your needs. Personalisation is made directly by the end user; no coding required. Your organisation is always poised to successfully face new challenges.

The answer

Make reliable and timely decisions based on real-time information and increase the value of your business.

Easy-to-use reporting tools, created with flexibility and customisation in mind. Using DynaQube®, our Dynamic hyperCube creation technology, any user can design, build and execute dependable business analysis tools on the go. Analyse reliable and timely aggregate and detailed information, effortlessly.

Our Quality In, Quality Out model generates actionable information that comes directly from the operation; making precise and substantiated decisions possible. Besides, you can visualize 3-D Financial Statements that reflect the reality of your business at any given time.

In the air

Operate directly on LOVIS EOS on the cloud every month from day one. Do not wait for accounting closing procedures and data warehouse constructing processes to be executed. Stop wasting your time on offline tools to register transactions and never ask yourself again which data snapshot is the correct one.

LOVIS EOS and its underlying platform are designed and constructed from the ground up to provide fully available, continuous transactional operation: 24/7 @ >99.9%.

Everyone in your organisation perform their duties on LOVIS EOS at the moment each event occurs. Achieve company-wide integration and synchronisation. Boost productivity and profitability, improving the wellbeing of your team.


Transactional Information that Reflects the Reality of Your Organisation, On Real-Time.

Every transaction is made directly on LOVIS EOS, by the person that really knows what is going on, when it is happening. Aggregate and detailed information is constructed as every transaction is being processed.

Create reliable and timely information from financial, logistics and manufacturing processes. Automatically derive complete accounting records. Access up-to-date financial statements, every morning.

An open door

End-to-End Business Processes Based on Next Practices, Streamlined.

Place yourself ahead of your competitors. Combine tried-and-true business practices with your unique, highly-valued ones; add those you thought were not possible, and build the suite of Next Practices that streamline your end-to-end business processes.

People from different areas are synchronised in a lean extended value-chain. Everything happens within a natural workflow: from the moment a need is triggered, until it is fulfilled.

The Future

Become an Enterprise 4.0: sensible to the context, smart in its decisions and sustainable through time. Empower your digital transformation and improve your business’ agility.

LOVIS EOS, precondition for the Enterprise 4.0, allows you to interoperate with your extended supply chain, perform your transactions in real-time, make use of the internet of things and take advantage of the rapid changes.

Create the new business you have been dreaming of and get ahead of market needs. Compete successfully in the digital era.

Time to do what really matters

With LOVIS EOS, seize one out of every two hours you are currently wasting to execute administrative tasks. Use them to innovate, improve your productivity and increase your profitability. Enhance your customer’s experience as well as the wellbeing of your team.

Regain time to do what really matters.