What is in it for me?

Run your business non-stop, online and on real-time, save one out of every two hours and recover your investment from the first year.

Deploy LOVIS EOS in three to six months. Universal, configurable and scalable, runs businesses in over 17 sectors in seven countries.

Give us a need your current enterprise software cannot satisfy and in less than two weeks, we will show you how LOVIS EOS solves it:


LOVIS EOS Infographic

Is your Enterprise Software configured to satisfy your customers needs?

LOVIS allocates global inventory across multiple platforms.

Example integrations include:

Is your data fresh or leaving you still guessing?

LOVIS is built on real transaction data, so you always have the most accurate picture.

Trusted by experts including:

Feel like your Enterprise Software is too complex?

No more month-end stress, your processes keep flowing.

Some of our clients include:

Use Cases



Standardise and control processes across multiple locations. Optimised budget management of all projects with financial visibility for all stakeholders.


Reliable and timely e-Accounting reporting. Worldwide travel technology leader, trusts LOVIS to fulfil e-accounting reporting.


Streamlined inventory, finance, budget and accounting procedures. 70% of administrative duties and 58% of processes automated.


All you need

Ready to use, configurable, scalable, universal enterprise software, for you.

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Transactional information that reflects the reality of your organisation, on real-time.

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An open door

Place yourself ahead of your competitors with LOVIS EOS Next Practices, today.

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The answer

See how your business is performing right now, effortlessly.

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In the air

Created for the cloud, LOVIS EOS is fully available 24/7 @ >99.97%.

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The Future

Create the new business you have been dreaming of, now.

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Continuously evolving, LOVIS EOS supports your organisation today and tomorrow.

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Time to do what really matters

Simplify your business processes, workflow, integration, security and reporting and regain time to do what really matters.

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January - December 2019


Full Transactional Availability

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