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Now our company is better prepared to face competition, invest in new projects and improve our quality systems.

I will no longer be distracted by daily repetitive administrative and operational tasks, and will be focused making decisions to transform Cal del Valle into a more competitive organisation.”

Jesús Dagda, CEO

Cal del Valle

Part of the fundamental course of a growing company is to create a predictable force that supports the efforts to create value and business sustainability from a perspective that promotes efficient processes, effective control over the operation, accountability and the generation of timely, reliable and functional information for a quality making decision process.

For us LOVIS EOS represents all of the above, providing companies the ability to focus on their businesses through a reliable, dynamic, functional and customizable platform to meet the specific needs and requirements of your organization.”

Mauricio Uribe, Socio Creixa


With all the information integrated in LOVIS EOS, DynaQube, their reporting technology, allows us to create completely flexible reports combining data from any process in a simple way. This is one of the main benefits that LOVIS EOS has given to us.

They also changed the traditional accounting paradigm, registering ordered transactional information, converting it into accounting records and allowing it to be used in any way needed. LOVIS EOS covers 100% of our current requirements, but we want to go forward with more automation, we are sure there is more to explore in LOVIS EOS.”

José Ramón Flores, Comptroller

Sabre Travel Network

February 2019 - January 2020


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