Case studies

All You Need ZX Ventures e-Commerce Zx Ventures searched a platform that would provide profitability, efficiency, operational control, information integrity and would allow it to support different models of its e -Commerce portals.
LOVIS EOS helped ZX Ventures to gain the certainty they needed to thrive.
All You Need Supporting Growth ZX Ventures, the division responsible for innovation, growth and sustainability of the world’s largest brewer, runs on LOVIS EOS.

Providing effortless Point Of Contact network control, LOVIS is the trusted partner of ABInBev.
All You Need Reliable Reporting Global travel technology leader,
Sabre, trusts LOVIS to fulfil its
e-accounting reporting needs,
providing a timely and
reliable solution.
All You Need Building Sustainability LOVIS EOS streamlines and
controls processes across
multiple FMCN locations,
optimising project budget
management and financial
visibility for stakeholders.
All You Need Automating Processes LOVIS EOS streamlines inventory, finance, budgeting and accounting procedures, automating 70% of SENASICA’s administrative duties
and 58% of its processes.

Jan 2019
Mar 2021:


Full transactional
from anywhere
at any time