Business Value

Let’s work together with our consultancy business partners to understand the problem you need to solve, its implications, causes and consequences. Our business partner will build a value proposition for your organisation with a strategy for implementing it. LOVIS will configure our platform to show you the problem solved live in real time. Our business partner will put in place the Business Case with the benefits you will achieve once your organisation is running on LOVIS EOS.

All You Need The Diagnostic What worries you?
What keeps you awake at night?
What are the issues your current enterprise software cannot solve?
All You Need The Value Proposition Business process consultancy
is the key to a successful
LOVIS EOS implementation.
All You Need The Proof of Concept In a few weeks, you
will see how LOVIS EOS
fulfils your needs and
solves your problems.
All You Need The Implementation Deploy LOVIS EOS in
six months or less with
no operational disruption
at go-live.
All You Need The Business Case Reduce your effort by half and
get a ROI of 2:1 from year two.

“Happy to have a powerful platform that is flexible to all changes (sometimes radical ones) in our organisation. LOVIS has adapted fully to the DNA of ZX Ventures in which innovation and solutions to complex needs are fundamental without losing control.”

Narda Hernandez, Comptroller, ZX Ventures, ABInBev Innovation and Growth Group

Jan 2019
Mar 2021:


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from anywhere
at any time