Business Processes

LOVIS EOS supports supply chain, manufacturing, finance and accounting cycles. Also includes security, workflow, e-business, AI, BI and DynaQube. Through its APIs, LOVIS EOS connects in realtime to multiple applications creating a flexible and powerful ecosystem.

All You Need Procurement Centralised and distributed domestic and imports purchase orders in multiple currencies with bulk tolerancesRaw materials, finished goods, consumables, spare parts, services, fixed assets and othersPer vendor SKU, description, unit and price conversion for each and every itemPreconfigured tariff codes and import tariffs with duties and expenses estimations.Automatic payables generation Expenses integration for correct valuation and... All You Need Inventory Highly reliable seven layer online and real-time information on optimised inventories over multiple storage facilities. Fully traceable Imports, Lot Number, Serial Number, Fixed Assets, Consignment, Quarantine, Expiration and Quality controls. Daily cyclic Inventories and automatic return of merchandise valuation. All You Need Manufacturing Simultaneous discrete, process, continuous and derived manufacturing with automatic valuation upon order fulfilment. Automatic supply consumption generation with direct variations registry. Third-party manufacturing orders with materials transfers with related expenses integration for correct valuation and costing. Service orders with man-hour consumption, centre and project valuation, and costing and immediate cost-profit calculation. Preventive and corrective maintenance... All You Need Distribution Centralised and distributed domestic and exports sales orders in multiple currencies, including raw materials, finished goods, consumables, spare parts, services and fixed assets, among others, with bulk tolerances. Per client SKU, description, unit and price conversion for each and every item. Automatic invoices and receivables generation and related expenses integration for correct valuation and costing.... All You Need Sales
Limitless price lists in multiple currencies tagged per Item, Client, and Chain with timespan. Seven level discount structure crossed by groups of items and groups of clients. Percentage or quantity offers tagged per Item, Client, and Chain with timespan. Commission structure per Item, Client, Chain, Order for groups of Salespersons.

All You Need Finance
Fluid, controlled financial operation with precise receivables, banks, investments, credit lines and payables in multiple currencies. Client service evaluation and credit analysis. Cash flow programming to optimise liquidity with automated deposits, payments and electronic banking file generation. Differentiated and invoiced or cash flow-based VAT, as well as Tax withholding where applicable.

All You Need Accounting Fully automatic accounting generation with cash flow and/or invoicing based VAT, as well as exchange rate gains and losses. Initiate any new period from day one without having closed the previous one. Three-dimensional accounting structure by Account, Centre and Project with simultaneous Calendar and Fiscal year. Automated Financial Statements Consolidated and per Company, Centre, Project... All You Need BI and Reporting DynaQube is our end-user, integrated hypercubes, BI tools, KPIs, reports and queries generator. Eliminates the hassle of data-warehouses and heavy IT processes. Online and on real-time, reliable, operational, tactic and strategic information to make better decisions. Hundreds of tools ready to be used with dozens of variations each, and more to be created by the... All You Need Workflow and Security Centralised, integrated online and on real-time hierarchical workflow linked to security profiles and roles. Every member of your organisation knows at all times which transactions are due process by them and the people under their responsibility, and can access any of those transactions at one mouse-click. Data access clearances are automatically updated according to security...

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