Business Partner Programs

LOVIS EOS is evolving and we are looking for you.

LOVIS EOS Partner Programs are designed for system integrators, channel resellers and business advisory firms. Be part of a powerful and simple solution to complex enterprise problems through a universal, integrated and secure transactional platform on the cloud that saves money, recovers time and makes people happy. LOVIS is the technology firm creator of the first EOS (Enterprise Operating System).

We are excited to welcome you and make business together. Together let’s identify a business with a need its current enterprise software cannot solve. Configure a solution to that need, build a value proposal, structure a project and close a deal. We partner to drive real innovation and help your clients transform and grow their organisations. We look forward to capitalising them with you: Our Business Partners

The LOVIS EOS’s Business Partners Alliance rewards your dedication and loyalty with industry leading benefits to help you maximise success in your business. So your client will regain time to do what really matters.

Your clients trust you and you know they have a need that has not been solved, yet. Let’s partner to help your clients:

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