All you need

Ready to use, configurable, scalable, universal enterprise software, for you.

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Transactional information that reflects the reality of your organisation, on real-time.

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An open door

Place yourself ahead of your competitors with LOVIS EOS Next Practices, today.

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The answer

See how your business is performing right now, effortlessly.

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In the air

Created for the cloud, LOVIS EOS is fully available 24/7 @ >99.97%.

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The Future

Create the new business you have been dreaming of, now.

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Continuously evolving, LOVIS EOS supports your organisation today and tomorrow.

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Time to do what really matters

Simplify your business processes, workflow, integration, security and reporting and regain time to do what really matters.

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December 2018 - November 2019


Full Transactional Availability

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